Context and Narrative

Hello, I’m Mary Doggett and this is my second photography course with the OCA having completed The Art of Photography (TAOP) in September 2015 (

My love of photography is firmly rooted in taking images of people and I still live to travel and capture photographs of new faces and characters wherever I go, but TAOP has dragged me outside of my comfort zone and introduced me to studio lighting, colour theory, still life, creating a series of images as part of a narrative etc. and I’ve not only embraced but massively enjoyed learning these new techniques.

Following a brief look through the course content, I think this is where my photographic ‘play’ ends and the real work starts. The course appears to focus on photographic theory and encouraging students to embark on a journey to discover their own individual ‘photographic voice’.  It is scaring the living daylights out of me but  I guess a lot of things in life tend to do that until you start them so here goes…