Part 1 – Exercise 4 -Composite Image

The brief for this exercise was to create a composite image which visually appears to be a documentary photograph but which could never actually be.

Sifting through a couple of images I’d taken in the summer, the first image I considered building was to use a an image of a bull-run street festival in a little village in Portugal where a young boy was in the fenced off arena of the street and eyeballing the bull whilst talking on this mobile phone…  I decided to teleport a little girl from Cambodia into the middle of the image… the image of the girl was useful because it was a full body image with a relatively plain dusty earth background which would enable me to easily select her and add her minus the background to the main image. Also the lighting on both images was similar, i.e. daylight but not bright sunshine. I suspected this would help both elements blend well together.

The result is shown below…. it’s not hugely successful as I didn’t feather the edges of the little girl and so her figure doesn’t blend in particularly well, however it feels like this would need a lot of practice in Photoshop to make it look seamless and the image half-way believable.


The second idea I had was borne out of a combination of clearing my mum’s house out and finding an old dolls house in the attic, and enduring the torture which is waiting to exchange contracts on a house sale..  it would amount to photography ‘therapy’!

I wanted to do a triptych of 3 images:- the first me sitting celebrating getting an offer on the house.. the parrot bird cage and hostess trolley would both be upright and bottles of champagne would be being happily consumed by me in the armchair.. the second one would involve things going pear-shaped; the parrot would have got in a tizz and bolted over in the cage, the hostess trolley would have been kicked, and the moving boxes would be appearing but not being moved anywhere, I would still be on the sofa but tearing my hair out; then the final image would be me hanging from the ceiling, the set of images then bleakly entitled ‘FROM SOLD TO COLD‘… some of the images I have taken to provide this composite are shown below:-

The result is ….

{composite image 2}

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