Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback

After submitting my assignment I received feedback from my tutor really quickly which enabled me to rapidly assess how well I’d managed to make a start with the ‘Context and Narrative’ course whilst the assignment was still fresh in my mind. I felt very encouraged by the feedback and simultaneously less daunted by the course in general  A couple of the comments were especially positive:-

“What may be simply seen as walls, takes a great deal more technical and creative expertise that you have given yourself credit for……. You have taken an innovative approach to the assignment and I would suggest that you follow suit on the subsequent assignment….. The course is open to both literal interpretation of assignment briefs but lateral thinking should be welcomes, embraced and actively encouraged as it will normally lead to more interesting work.”

I was grateful for the suggestion about correcting perspective distortion on 3 of the images. I regularly use zoom lenses for most of my shots so whilst this gives greater flexibility, it was a helpful reminder to be careful at the wider angles that objects don’t get skewed.  I’ve recently started a very short 4 week Photoshop course on Tuesday evenings at the Norwich City College which will just help refresh my memory on how to use some of the lens correction functions.

The advice from my tutor regarding the planning for the next assignment is something I will take on board and benefit from. I definitely rushed the first assignment which made me feel dissatisfied with the results, so I will factor in a bit more time to work for and plan and basically take a bit more care, if necessary, redoing some shots where I can.

I’ve managed to read 90% of the David Hurn book ‘On being a Photographer’ and thoroughly enjoyed his pragmatic, practical and sometimes inoffensive but blunt, style. There are a lot of excellent tips about researching around a subject and taking photographs of things that actually interest you first and foremost. Whilst I wanted to move into new territory with this first assignment, I think one of the lessons I’ve learnt is that whilst it would be stupendous to be an eclectic all-round photographer, equally as good at landscape, portraiture, street photography etc., you definitely need to have a passion for the types of photographs you’re taking otherwise that ambivalent attitude will show through in the results.

Finally, another great tip from my tutor was to visit the William Eggleston portrait exhibition which I managed to do in early October. I will add some notes from this in another blog entry…

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