Assignment 2 – Idea 4 – Infinity

This idea popped into my head originally from my list of abstract nouns, but also, in a sense this was a literal ‘unseen’, the idea that there is a limit to our vision, a limit to the detail that a camera can capture in an image (even if it has a really long telephoto lens attached, or even if a telescope is attached!). There is always an area out of reach and invisible.

infinity-001Searching on ‘infinity’ within Google images strangely just brings up a series of pictures showing the symbol, which is often used in tattoos because it is a positive icon indicating a never-ending loop, something lasting forever,  something without limits, or never ending possibilities.

I wondered if I could apply this idea of the unseen ‘infinity’ to a set of images. The obvious visual representation would have been to apply it in a landscape setting, choosing rows of objects gradually disappearing into an invisible dot on the horizon, such as breakers on the beach. I then thought about how I could apply it to memory and the ‘infinite’ power of the brain.

Somehow this felt like a lazy option. The fact that I was Googling for photographic ideas to inspire me was not a good sign! At some point this idea dropped off the radar when I decided that the resulting set of images would look incoherent and essentially pretty random. I moved on to other slightly more robust ideas to satisfy the assignment requirements.

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