Assignment 2 – Ideas 6, 7, 8 etc…

I mulled over other ideas briefly…

Hidden disability: I realised that this subject was something which would be interesting to photograph but would require an intimate knowledge of a person living with that disability in order to be able to really get a sense of the impact it made to the person. I know someone living with PTSD, which I do consider a social disability in that there is a wall which stops all communication on the subject and it is actually there protecting that individual, so I wouldn’t have considered crossing that line for the sake of a photographic project. Perhaps it is the difficult subjects that yield the most interesting results.. maybe I have missed an opportunity…

DNA: Otherwise known as Deoxyribonucleic acid. I wondered whether an interesting project would be to study the impact of that invisible molecule which holds all the genetic information for us. I would have sought to photograph character traits passing down through the generations, or looked up the girl at school who was albino. As I cogitated all the possible variables and photographic possibilities, there was a big part of me that likened myself to a trophy-hunting Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize competitor rabidly scanning the country for pale faced red haired twins, or worse, morphing into the new Norwich Diane Arbus, cataloguing anyone who walked past me in the street with an interesting ‘feature’! This idea felt just too difficult to achieve within the timeframe I had to play with so I dropped this idea also.

Charity: This was something I thought would make an interesting subject. I’ve always felt that charity not shouted about, not publicized or splashed across newspapers in a ‘look at me aren’t I great’ kind of way, was definitely the best type of charity. I wanted to photograph ‘quiet charity’, almost unnoticed.. the Big Issue seller 20 people have just walked past.. the ladies in the back room of the charity shop when someone has just brought in another dirty duvet or dirty old chip fryer, or dirty anything really… the old lady walking a dog down the road – not her dog, she’s just doing it for the old lady who’s in hospital.. I think this could be a good project for the future but it would need lots of planning and careful, sympathetic research.

I had several more ideas – faith, gravity, loss, heritage.. but none of these really took off.

My final choice of theme was one which I had worked on from the start and one I felt connected to and so was the one that finally made it to a shoot. See next blog !

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