Reading – Jeremy Abrahams ‘Arrivals’

I love the simplicity of Jeremy Abrahams’ idea to photograph and interview one ‘arrival’ to Sheffield for every year since 1945.  It’s exactly the sort of project I would like to do in my own city of Norwich. Having spent a rather raucous year in Sheffield as a first year student (I never got beyond year one sadly, too much fun at the Frog and Parrot, not enough studying), I know how welcoming the city is, how comfortable the inhabitants are to chat to you on the bus even though they don’t know you from Adam, and so this would be an interesting exhibition to visit if I lived a bit closer… or didn’t work…. or didn’t mind a 5 hour train ride….

In the article on the ‘Sheffield Culture Guide’ website, there are only a few appetite-whetting images of Abrahams’ work on this project, and the one which stood out for me is this photograph of Pierre Ngunda Kabaya, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s like he’s conquered the city, landed from a great height and purposefully planted his cultural flag into the industrial landscape. There is a pride in his expression and also a peacefulness which probably comes from his acceptance by the city inhabitants and his feeling of belonging.


Interesting also is Abrahams’ relatively recent venture into becoming a professional photographer at aged 58, he’s now 60. This leaves me feeling very positive!

See the article at

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