Reading – Guardian Images 1

I regularly scroll through all the Photographs of the Week in the Guardian to get ideas and inspiration and there are always some that catch my eye.

This photograph with its rhythm of the equidistant strolling pedestrians pushing their bikes across this bridge over the Pyongyang river in North Korea, together with the beautiful reflection in the still water all shrouded in ethereal mist, I think is really stunning. The image is almost monotone save for the splash of colour provided by the person in the red coat.  It’s a refreshing change to see what I would call an ‘urban landscape’ so scientifically composed. The photographer/artist is Wong Maye.


This wildlife photograph below with the impalas flying through the air makes me think that a grenade has gone off in a wildlife park. It’s a great shot, well composed and sharp, with a clear view of the source of their surprise, the crocodile. As its a shot from a news agency, it does make me wonder if it is actually a screen grab of a video, the composition is so perfect. The news agency is Caters News Agency and shot was taken in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


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